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About Us

whdavis--blown insulation atticAt W. H. Davis Insulation Company we provide affordable solutions to decrease energy cost for our customers. As energy costs continue to rise, we partner with consumers to find ways that will help decrease their energy bills.

Since 1956, we have found cost effective solutions for attic, walls and crawl space applications which include fiberglass and cellulose products. We specialize in blowing insulation into existing walls and utilize batted insulation for crawl space applications and unfinished walls.

Mr. Davis originally started the company while building a subdivision with a few partners back in the mid-fifties. His goal was to provide affordable housing that was more energy efficient by including an additional 4” of insulation in each attic. At that time no other builder in the area provided this type of upgrade.

In 1980, Mr. Davis sold the company to a long time co-worker Berlin Cook, owner of H.N. Cook Siding Company. Mr. Cook and his wife Aggie ran the company for the past 32 years out of their Shively office located on Dixie Highway.

In 2012, Berlin Cook sold the company to Robert McCauley who currently maintains the same integrity of providing quality service and energy solutions at affordable pricing. Mr. McCauley has over 20 years’ experience within the construction industry in both new construction and renovation projects for residential and commercial markets.

In 2019, Matthew Gilles purchased the company from Robert McCauley. Mr. Gilles is also the owner of Louisville Spray Foam Insulation. Matt will run the company with the same pride and quality that has been provided by the former owners of the W.H. Davis Insulation Co. 

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